About Us

Our core business is management of Dams & MSV's, DSV's.

We also under take Harbour wall repairs Pile cutting, Bridge foundation inspections & repairs H.P. water jetting of masonry walls, Recovery & salvage work, Underwater bagwork, Tank inspections, Outfall construction, inspections & maintenance Cleaning & of underground reservoirs.

Ships maintenance/ hull cleaning / propeller & thruster inspections Underwater concreting & shuttering Lock gate maintenance Scaffold erection & dismantling Scour protection airlifting Power station cooling tower maintenance/trash screens / penstock repairs, Block Setting, Cathodic protection works on jetty structures etc. Underwater Bridge Inspection, Marine Construction Projects, Intake Repair, Debris Removal, underwater engineering inspections; offshore mooring maintenance and repair; pipeline construction; fiber optic cable landings; offshore ship repair; ship and salvage. Repair and construction of marine and coastal structures including ocean outfalls, docks, bulkheads, breakwaters and dry docks. INCLUDING 35 MM PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY.

Experienced Professionals to conduct on site inspections and systems analysis. We have over 17 years of underwater inspection experience of all types of power plants, Irrigation, Railways and dams, below the waterline internal pipe and tunnel inspection. Zero visibility inspections. Video and still underwater photography are used to document the inspections. Search patterns are implemented to locate and recovery techniques are used to lift objects to the surface. A portion of the inspection work is done at high altitudes and from metal and rubber hulled boats.